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"All of them told me how grateful they were and delighted they were to have such a wonderful and varied spread and to be able to help themselves from attractive bowls and dishes of vegetable delights and dips. All of them returned totally empty plates and some said they were so relieved not to see dry old sandwiches. They could help themselves along the buffet and piled their plates high!"

-Oxford University Careers Service

Buffet deliveries across Oxfordshire

At A&J Catering our specialised Litebite menus are perfect for business lunches or private parties, and are delivered to your chosen venue already prepared.


With our personalised catering services we provide daily buffet deliveries, event lunches and catering for day conferences and events.


We can provide a tea and coffee service for your meetings, delivering freshly percolated coffee and a full range of teas with fruit and herbal options. Biscuits, pastries and cakes are also available.

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